-      What is the loyalty program?

At B&G HITECH S.L. the more you buy the more you earn! We like to cooperate with our clients and have a "win-win" relationship. We hope to provide you with the greatest possible benefit and that you can have a rewarding shopping experience.


-      How to earn points?

We will award points for each successful transaction made by the agent. Different VIP levels have different point refund percentages, (VIP Levels Parameter Details). Each point will have a freezing period of 15 days, once the transaction is completed successfully, the points will be added to your account automatically.

At the same time, it should be noted that not all products can earn cash points. Some special or promotional products do not participate in the loyalty program. Such products will be clearly identified on the product page and the shopping cart page.


-      Definition of points and how to use them

1 point is equivalent to 1 euro in the price of the product (Taxes not included). In the final payment interface, a window will appear where you can add the points. When entering points, it will be automatically deducted from the order amount.

Special note: the refund only applies to the "tax amount not included" of the product, shipping costs, as well as any other additional costs are not included.


-      States of the points

a)     Points waiting to be activated

The points obtained after successfully making the payment of the order will be temporarily frozen for 15 days and automatically unfrozen if there is no refund within this period. In the event that some products of the order are returned during this period, it will not affect the rest of the order or its freezing time.

b)     Active points

These points from the status "points waiting to be activated" will automatically go to the status of "active points" as long as a refund is not generated.

In case of using points to pay for an order and it is returned later, the points used in said order will be returned without the need to go through a freezing period.

c)      Points used

Once the points are used in an order, they will pass to the "used points" status and cannot be used a second time.

d)     Returned

In the event of a return of an order, the points used in said returned order will be returned first.

In the event of a return of an order, the points generated by said order that were in the freezing period will be deducted.