1.1From the date of receipt of the product, the customer will have 15 calendar days to return any product they want, after 15 calendar days no return request will be received.

1.2Customers can only request returns by contacting us by email or phone. If there is a sales specialist connected, they can communicate directly with them.

1.3The customer must send a copy of the invoice when returning the product.

1.4If the main reason for the return is due to personal preferences of the client, the costs of the return will be charged to the client.

1.5If the main reason for the return is an error on the part of B&G HITECH, S.L. (incorrect product, inconsistency with the order, etc.), the return costs will be covered by B&G HITECH, S.L. The customer must print the return label that he/she will receive after B&G HITECH, S.L. approves the return. If the customer makes the return through an external transport company before the approval of B&G HITECH, S.L., the costs will be borne by the customer. This label must be placed on the external packaging, never on the original box of the product. If you have any questions, please contact B&G HITECH, S.L. Customer Service Department.

1.6Policy for returning products

1.6.1It is not allowed to use own or third party seals on the original packaging.

1.6.2It is not allowed to write the address directly on the original packaging.

1.6.3Products without their original packaging or with manipulated packaging will not be accepted.

1.6.4The product must be returned with all components, manuals, original packaging and in perfect condition. It is not allowed to write or mark on the original packaging of the product or manipulate or alter the original components of the product.

1.7In any case, receipt of the returned product does not imply acceptance of the return, B&G HITECH,S.L. will verify the product within 7 business days and notify the customer of its condition, which could be: defective, lost or accepted.

1.8B&G HITECH,S.L. will return the product to the customer's address in case the return does not comply with the specified regulations, the transport charges will be charged to the customer.

1.9If the product complies with the return regulations, B&G HITECH,S.L. will refund the original amount of the purchase of the product to the balance of the customer's account.

1.10In any case can the customer send the product directly to the address provided by B&G HITECH,S.L. to request the return without the corresponding request for return. In such a case, the product will be returned (customer is responsible for shipping costs) or put on hold in an unprocessed state.

1.11Shipping Address:


C/ la Robla, 4, Nave 2, 28947 Fuenlabrada, Madrid (SPAIN)

+34 916 421 995

2Warranty and return

2.1The guarantee provided by B&G HITECH,S.L. covers manufacturing defects for 3 years from the date of sale.

2.2Repairs will be carried out and checked only by the technical department of B&G HITECH,S.L.

2.3The warranty does not cover natural wear of parts, man-made damage, misuse or abuse of the equipment.

2.4The repair or operation of the product by unauthorized third parties is not allowed, in which case, the guarantee would be void.

2.5In any case, the serial number of the product to be repaired must coincide with the serial number that appears on the delivery note provided by B&G HITECH,S.L.

2.6In the event that the product is tested and examined by the technical department of B&G HITECH,S.L., and it is found that there is no defect, the testing and Shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

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